Runs and taters and manicures

Yesterday I was up early (5:30am, ugh) to fit in a quick 30 minute run before starting my day. Wednesdays are nuts – I have early meetings, and I have a social thing all evening so I don’t get home until like 9:30pm. I get home, wash the dishes, prep lunch and coffee, pack my gym bag, and it’s bedtime. Anyway, the run was kind of poop, I had tired legs and running before I’ve had my morning coffee is not my favorite. But– it got done.

Today I had standard gym time with J, and I pulled out my "exercise prescription" that the fitness center staff made for me after my assessment (I have plans to lift this evening with $husband, and I don’t feel like double deadlifts today). It ought to be a quick workout, but even stacking and supersetting it took me 50 minutes. The exercises aim at lats/upper back, hips, pecs and core. My pecs are still sore from double bench day on Tues. There’s this fitness Youtuber who refers to his pecs as "taters" so I’ve been running around complaining about my taters, much to my husband’s amusement.

This weekend is going to be fun but totally nuts. Tonight I’m meeting up with a friend for a mani-pedi. Tomorrow evening another friend is coming down to stay with us for the weekend (gotta clean up the guest room!) Saturday we have a game day followed by a trip to Fogo de Chao for 2 birthdays (so much meat!) I’m the worst, because I’d really just like some time to mow the lawn and sleep in.

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