Stage 3 Workout B: Complete!

I’m very happy to say goodbye to Stage 3. Today’s workout was B4, and I threw myself at it with gusto despite my soreness– just because I was looking forward to being done. Workout B is more upper body/back of body focused than A, and I did see plenty of results from the work, even if maybe the numbers don’t support that as much as I’d like.

I’m going away for the holidays and taking a well-deserved rest from lifting. I plan on doing lots of yoga and as much running as I can manage ("away" is rather far north, so I’ll bring my warm clothes and hope for no ice). I feel magnificently inflexible lately, so maybe I can work on that. I also have a massage scheduled. :)

Here’s the breakdown:

Barbell Romanian Deadlift/Bent-over Row
Starting load: 65lb
Ending load: 85lb

Partial One-legged Squat

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
Starting load: 39lb
Ending load: 42.5lb

Back Extension
Starting load: 25lb
Ending load: 35lb

Starting load: 8lb
Ending load: 12.5lb

Swiss Ball Crunch
35lb (no change)

Hip, Lateral Flexion

90 seconds

The intervals were what I thought I would dread the most, but I turned out to really like them here. (At least, when I wasn’t too sore to run.) They were hard but very gratifying.

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