Done with squats (for now)

Today was the last double squats workout… now, I like squats, but that was a whole lot of ’em. The heavy ones topped out at 125lb, which felt good and challenging. There’s no more heavy squats left! I’ll miss them, but there’s only one week left in the program….

Everything else was okay. My left knee is still sort of twingey, and I feel like I’m aggravating it with the shoes I’m wearing. I chose a pair of not-yet-broken-in Doc Martens, and they’re so inflexible– I feel like they’re contorting my stride and my ankles are weird. (But they’ll never be broken in if I don’t wear them, right? Sigh.)

I will definitely need a couple days to recover. My upper back is still sore from Tuesday, and I’m adding more soreness on top of that. Nothing but nice yogas for me until maybe Sunday…

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