Giving in to a craving

Still feeling a little off today, and it’s a scheduled rest day so I kept it light and simple: 20 minutes on the elliptical (higher effort today, at least) and then some yoga.

During the yoga part, I put on a really lovely EP by Fovea Hex called “We Sleep You Bloom” (favorite track: That River) and I credit that for an odd clarity of focus. It’s not at all a cheerful album, and its mix of harmonium and drones doesn’t seem like good yoga music, but I was able to turn inward and really center myself. This is a Big Deal for me– I am perpetually scattered– and it’s lasted through the day, which is nice.

I’ve been thinking about HAES, intuitive eating and satiety (thanks to this thought-provoking blog post) and yesterday I had an opportunity to watch it work. For about a week I’ve been craving ice cream. Yesterday I bought some, and after dinner (tempeh coconut curry with veggies and rice, om nom) I ate a small bowl. Yay ice cream! But I was still craving it, even after that bowl. I waited a couple hours, and the craving hadn’t subsided… so I had a little bit more. (Yes, I ate two bowls of ice cream last night! It felt extremely over the top.) But then my craving was satisfied. I felt a little full of ice cream, but not sick.

I guess the question is, was that a good thing? Was it better to just sit with an intense food craving (especially for a not-particularly-healthful food) or was it okay to indulge so I could move on?

Part of intuitive eating is trusting that when my body wants something, it wants it for a good and legitimate reason. Sometimes I crave broccoli and lean protein; sometimes I crave ice cream. Both are valid.

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