Exertion headaches and long runs

Yesterday’s run in the sun must’ve conspired with my sinus crunk to completely incapacitate me with a terrible headache in the afternoon. It snuck up on me slowly, but by 4pm I was in blinding pain, incapable of doing anything but lying face down in a dark room. (Face down made it hurt slightly less.) My sinuses were totally inflamed, so I took some aspirin, breathed through my mouth and dozed as much as I could. At 7pm I was back to functional, at least.

So, what do I decide to do today at the gym? A long, somewhat-hard run, because I love taking the risk of triggering another exertion headache. I ran 4 miles in 50:26, taking short walk breaks each mile to ease out my tired calves. I’ve got some work to do to increase my mileage again.

I took as cold a shower as I could handle, popped a couple ibuprofen as soon as I got back to my desk and drank a bunch of water. Let’s hope that’s enough to keep away the headache.

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