Anatomy lessons

My right quad (the injured side) has been twitching incessantly yesterday and this morning. It’s driving me nuts.

I forgot to blog my workout yesterday (busy day). I started off with bench: 5×115, 2x5x135, (4,3)x140lb, followed by accessory biceps, triceps, OHP and upright row, then 30 minutes on the hamster wheel (elliptical).

Today was more lower body rehab again. Hamstring curls/quad extensions, wood chops, plank, one-leg RDL, dumbbell front squat, and a new addition of back extensions (unweighted). Unsurprisingly, my lower back was yelling at me when I finished all this up– I had to lie down with knees bent and feet tucked in for a few minutes to get it to calm down. Squats just wreck my back, even with barely any weight. Needs work.

After that, 20 minutes on the elliptical just to move and some quality time with the foam roller, which was very effective– forward bends felt GREAT when I was all done. I’m sure it’ll get tight again soon enough. I found a new sore spot– that twitchy quad! Vastus lateralis part would be my best guess, towards the outside of the leg– reading about all the ways it gets jacked up it is like ticking off a checklist. Nothing teaches me anatomy as well as getting injured and trying to figure out what hurts and how to fix it…

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