Flex fuel

One day left in the long weekend. I have a lot to do today, but I’m taking some time to think about sacrifice, the physical and emotional wounds left on the soldiers who return and the families of the ones who don’t, and sending some energy out in a hope to end war– setting an intention for today, as the yoga folks say.

I had a medium-sized get together at my house this Saturday, maybe 15ish friends, family and coworkers came by. This was the first time many of these people had seen the house (we moved in May) and I was glad they could visit. We also finally got most areas cleared of boxes and clutter and all tidied up. It’s nice to have the house clean!

We had a metric crapton of food, and lots of leftovers. We tried to send as much home with people as we could, but there’s still lots left. I’ve been eating it despite all the carbs, which has left me with an unhappy stomach. Some of it I rationalize as not wanting to waste food (lentils, potato salad) but there’s really no excuse for cookies for breakfast. I need to ask my husband to take those in to work (or take them myself, tomorrow).

However, carbs do make good fuel. Long-term fat adaptation means the body is using a different fuel pathway. If you throw carbs back into the system, the body switches over to them preferentially. It’s like rocket fuel, but it doesn’t last as long as the steady fat fuel. Theoretically being able to run on a mix is a win.

I had a 7 miler on the schedule yesterday but I wound up turning that into 10 and some change. After 8 miles I kind of pooped out and wound up doing a lot of walking. It took me just over 2 hours overall. It was a pretty brutal run; someone remind me of this when I start talking about half marathons.

Today was supposed to be another 3 mile run but I think I’m going to rest up for my last big speedwork tomorrow (8x400m, whee). I’ve got laundry and post-party vacuuming/cleaning to do today, and some projects to finish up for an event next weekend– hem and finish the sideless surcote, shorten and narrow my chemise sleeves, put buttons and buttonholes on the kirtle sleeves, maybe make a hat to wear over my veil and a muff to keep my hands warm– wow that’s a lot isn’t it. Guess I’d better get to that…

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