Weird muscle gendering

I’m still tired and crunky-feeling, and I went to the gym all like ‘meh’. I was tempted to just stay on the treadmill and warmup forever (I ran for 15 minutes instead of 10). But after I got started I felt a little better. (But really hungry!)

Bench press – 4x5x130lb
Overhead press – 4x5x75lb
Triceps – 3x10x45lb
Shrug – 3x10x30lb each hand
Lateral raise – 3x10x45
Rope pushdown – 3x10x100
Machine pec fly – 10x(80,100,100)

Bench went well today– I finally made 5 reps in my last set! Took me long enough, eh? Now I’ll sit there for a week or two before going up to 135lb. Which is kind of daunting! I failed hardcore at my 135lb attempts in the comp. I’ve been having issues with OHP, though– I’m feeling the load in my lower back in a way that I don’t like. I suspect I’m overarching my back to try to help with the lift. It might be time to back off the weight on that one a little…

The lateral raise machine faces the wall where there are two posters of muscle anatomy, one for men and one for women. The men’s poster has front, back and side views holding a barbell, and each muscle group is labeled and has relevant exercises. The women’s poster has a front and 3/4 side view where the woman has flowing hair and is contorted into some unnatural not-quite-pigeon pose position holding tiny dumbbells. Half the muscle groups are missing and there are very few "heavy" exercises (but did you know "bicycle exercises", whatever those are, work the abs?) Oh, and did I mention her pecs are shaped like boobs?

Occasionally I have to explain to men that, for the most part aside from some ROM shortening with exercises that bring the bar to the chest, women do their lifts just the same way as men do. We have the same muscles and they’re in the same places. You’d never know from looking at those posters, though.

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