A little more

Back in the gym for a push workout. I’m tired today, and it took a little more effort to get myself moving.

Bench press – 5x(125lbx3, 130lb)
OHP – 4x5x75lb
Narrow grip incline bench press – 3x5x75lb
Machine lateral raise – 3x10x40
Rope pushdown – 10x(80,90,90)
Skullcrushers – 3x10x45lb
Shrugs – 3x10x30s

I was happy to put another 5lb on bench for the last set! I grabbed J for a spot just in case, but it went up pretty easily. Next time I guess I should do my sets at 130lb… It looks like I’m still making gains in bench– for comparison, my 1RM at the little comp a couple weeks ago was 135lb. I’m certain all the accessory arm and shoulder work is helping.

I still don’t care for the incline bench, though I suspect it’s good for me (it feels weird, rooting through my mid/lower back). It’s so awkward and wobbly.

Wedding prep is continuing, and I think my mom is starting to feel the pressure of her own expectations. She’s DIYing all the floral and decorations; it should work out fine, she has sources for fresh flowers, a good aesthetic sense, and she likes crafty stuff. But every time I talk to her she says she doesn’t know if it’s "enough". It doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy! Just a pretty flowers and lights arrangement on each table is plenty. Let the pretty breathe.

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