Squats and pee, a lifting lady problem?

Sigh… I headed to the gym for leg day #2 this week, but I forgot to check my calendar beforehand and realized that I was about to miss a meeting so I had to cut it short. I had about 5 minutes to shower, dress and get back upstairs. I like to think that my sweaty face and wet hair showed my dedication to my workout. Right?

Squat – 5x(165lb, 175lb, 185lb)
Glute bridge – 2x10x115lb
Leg press – 2x10x275lb

As my squat weight has gone up I’m fighting with my bladder more and more. It’s frustrating! Even if I pee before squatting, my body (well-hydrated as it is) manages to find more to squeeze out in the extreme muscle contraction to push the bar up.

Sorry, that’s not a very pleasant topic, but I understand it’s not uncommon for ladies to leave puddles when lifting heavy. When I’m lifting near max, holding my bladder is not at the top of my brain.

The long holiday weekend is full of stuff– we’re having folks over for lunch and D&D Saturday, and going to my fiancee’s family’s house for BBQ on the 4th. I’m baking a rhubarb cake and making a batch of ice cream, and really looking forward to going off my macros to eat them…

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3 Responses to Squats and pee, a lifting lady problem?

  1. I almost forgot you play D&D! How’s your campaign going? We keep annoying our DM by heading to cities he wasn’t expecting and dealing with problems in really unexpected ways!

    • G says:

      We’ve actually put the old campaign on hold (this happened when the DM, my fiancee, was on crunch at work and didn’t have time to organize sessions) and another player has taken over as DM– and made a future setting where the characters from our previous campaign are revered as heroes :) It’s been a lot of fun! The previous campaign was the first pre-made for 5e (Lost Mine of Phandelver), but the new DM has taken some liberties. (Demon goats?)

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